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We combine the traditional coffee ceremony, whose roots are in this land and culture, with today’s techniques. The coffee’s distinctive smell and taste are revealed through our roasting cycle. In this way, we create the characteristics of the bean and the essence of their flavor to reveal the unique smell and taste of the coffee. We call this process The Whirl of the coffee beans.

The “Loring Smartroast” energy-saving roaster, hand-made in Northern California, is one of the “greenest” roasters in the world, known for being particularly delicate and producing exceptionally clean flavors. The Whirl, which set out in 2020 to tell the world that it is possible to drink quality coffee by being more sensitive to the world, has today become a coffee community by combining individual stories and experiences. Respecting the history of coffee, with its roasting approach on its journey to find mysterious flavors, it became Turkey’s highest tonnage “qualified” coffee roaster in 2 years. It combines qualified coffee with qualified service with machine investment and technical service.

It aims to offer coffee enthusiasts the journey from branch to cup by using the most advanced roasting techniques by purchasing the best coffee beans directly from the producer. The Whirl aims to be a game changer in the coffee market by creating an experience center with a roasting facility, cupping and training bar in Maslak Oto Sanayi.

It is the pioneer of the accessible high quality coffee trend, which can create a roasting profile according to the customer’s preferences and ensure continuity in quality. Some of the places that serve The Whirl coffee all over Turkey today are Four Seasons Hotel, Mikla, Bebek Hotel, Galliard, Splendid Hotel.

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